Name:Wire Rope Slings

Product Description

Steel Wire Ropes

Sizes : From 3mm to 80mm

Surface Finish : Galvanized and  Ungalvanized

 Core : IWRC, FC and WSC

Typical Wire Constructions : 6x37, 6X19,  18x7 and more

Tensile Strengths : 1960 N/mm2 (EIPS)  and 2160 N/mm2 (EEIPS)

General Information on Wire Ropes


Wire rope is made of plaiting strands of  wire – normally medium carbon steel – into a thick cable. The strands are  formed around a core. The strands in wire ropes are made of wore twisted  together. Strands with smaller diameter wires are less abrasion resistant and  more fatigue resistant. Strands made with thicker length of wore are more  abrasion resistant and less fatigue resistant.




The main components of a wire rope is  shown below


In the above example, each individual wire is arranges around a central wire to form a 7-wire strand.

Six of these strands are formed around a central core to make a wire rope. The rope is specified as 6x7 (6/1)

–i.e. six strands each of seven wires.


Build a wire rope lifting sling to your specification with a 

wide choice of styles and fittings.

Wire Rope and Wire Rope Slings for Lifting which Conform to EN13414-1


LIRI wire rope slings comply with the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations. Wire rope fittings and steel rope are matched up against each other to suit the required load. 

They go through thorough quality assurances and are clearly labelled to maximise safety. Slinging arrangements are made up to order, in accordance with your specifications.

End Fittings

Various end fittings and end fitting combinations are available for online quotation, where you can choose the complete configuration of the sling that you require.

 If you require any additional features such as fibre core, or the construction of the wire e.g. 6x36 IWRC, please add this into the additional information box at the 

end of constructing your wire ropes.

Ending Types

Please see the image below for letter references, the end fitting choices which are choices on the buy/quote tab are as follows.


·        A - Fused and tapered.

·        B - Ferrule secured thimble hard eye.

·        C - Ferrule secured soft eye.

·        D - Flemish eye according to Din 13414-1.

·        E - Captivated shackle (permanent).

·        F - Master Ring.

·        G - Safety hook.

·        H - Self-locking hook.

·        I - Foundry hook.

·        J - Swivel safety hook.

·        K - Swivel Self-locking hook.

Maximum Safe Working Loads with Different Slinging Methods

EN 13414-1 Table 4 - Working load limits for slings using steel cored rope of classes 6x19, 6x36 and 8x36.

 EN 13414-1 Table 3 - Working load limits for slings using fibre cored rope of classes 6x19, 6x36 and 8x36.

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